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MUA MAG Article #2

Featured Article

Beauty Beware
The Financial and personal toll of knockoff cosmetics 

Counterfeit cosmetics have become one of the cosmetics industry's biggest headache. A tidal wave of bogus products are flooding the marketplace, and it seems no one is immune. M.A.C, Benefit, Nars, Urban Decay and Bobbi Brown cosmetics are just a few of the top brands that have been knocked off.

Diversion is another problem plaguing in the industry. It's a term used to describe any product offered for sale at an outlet that is not authorized by the manufacture. Diverted products may be counterfeit, but they can also be diluted, contaminated or expired versions of the originals. Companies are concern because they have no quality control over what is sold. The best-case scenario is that performance of the diverted products will be substandard. The worst-case scenario is that these items could contain ingredients hazardous to one's health. L'Oreal Professional has devoted a page on its website to this issue.

"Counterfeit products are a major concern of Urban Decay," says company treasure John Ferrari. "There are many well known sites such as Alibaba, eBay and Amazon that sell unofficial products and we do our best to delist them as quickly as possible. There are also smaller websites and flea markets sellers posing as authorized retailers selling counterfeit products."

Law enforcement agencies point to China, Hong Kong, Jordan, India and Malaysia as the primary source for the phonies. Its hard to determine exactly how much product is out there, but Havocscope, a website that reports on the global black market, puts the losses due to counterfeit cosmetics at more than $3 billion a year.

It's a serious enough problem in the United States that the department of home land security, the FBI and local police are all involved in the fight. Homeland security reports its seizures alone totaled $188 million in 2010.

And, unlike imitation clothing, cosmetics fakes can pose a serious health danger. In a 2014 report, the FBI warned that government and industry testing has uncovered such carcinogens as arsenic, beryllium and cadmium  in seized counterfeits. High levels of aluminum and dangerous levels of bacteria were also found. London's Guardian newspaper published a story this past May reporting that London police found cyanide, rat droppings and human urine when it ran tests on imitation cosmetics. Aside from the "ew" factor, the products have been known to cause acne, psoriasis, rashes and eye infections.

Just this past July, a women in New Port Richey FL, was sentenced to 18 months in federal prison for selling bogus M.A.C products. Tina Oleszczuk was convicted of buying imitations from China and then offering them as real M.A.C products from her home-based company. Cosmetics Delights LLC, as well as on eBay. The judge also ruled that Oleszczuk should pay restitution to M.A.C - the total amount of the sale invoices seized when the arrest was made.

Well aware of the impact this problem poes, cosmetic companies are at the forefront of the battle.

"We are deeply concerned about the issue and are committed to protecting our consumer from counterfeit products and the potential dangers that they pose" said M.A.C Cosmetics spokesperson Amara Malik in an email statement. "Consumers should only shop at our authorized retail partners, our M.A.C. freestanding stores and to ensure the M.A.C. Cosmetics are real and meet the quality and safety standards that we promise.

Believing customers awareness is key to stemming the tide, M.A.C. dedicates a section of its website to counterfeit education. Here, it lists where it does and doesn't offer its production and provides instructions as to how its costumers can report suspected counterfeits.

Urban Decay points to online sites especially small market-places and maketplaces registered in foreign courtiers, as its biggest concern. Urban Decay's Ferrai indicates the company is most succedful fighting Internet offenders in the Unites States. He attributes to a high level or cooperation with the FBI, local police and customers.

"There are also strict standards for delisting of Internet content that uses are trademarks without authorizing." he adds "The real challenge is in foreign markets where these laws and infrastructure do not exsit yet."

The company's cooperation security team is very affgressfuly going after unautherized channels peddling Urban Decay replicas in both the U.S. and abroad.

"Online, we used to service called MarkMonitor that delists tens of thousands of postings on eBay and Alibaba  in cases where they are either selling suspected counterfeit products are using are trademarks," continues Farrari. "We also conduct criminal raids of manufacture and distributors of counterfite products here and abroad and have successfully sized millions of dollars' worth of fake merchandize.

Efforts are also focused on spreading the word to only buy from Urban Decay authorized retailers: Sephora, Sephora inside JCPenny, Macy's, Ultra Beauty, Nordstom, Belk and HauteLook. Ferrari believes that one of the best ways to combat fakes is though education. "Some consumers are aware but others just think they are getting a good deal," he says. "There is more work to be done about the problem as it poses a serious health risk and injuries to our reputation."

---- Chris Koseluk

Taken from Make-up Artist Magazine issue 116


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Western Canada Fashion Week - Collections

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IMAGE: Steve Edgerton (Beth Anne Couture)
Western Canada Fashion Week


Edmonton, AB
September 20, 2016

Beth Anne Couture - Penhold, AB
Mister Cosmetics - Edmonton, AB

Night five at Western Canada Fashion Week in Edmonton gave us lavish dresses, sexy menswear and a fierce lipstick line.

The showcase at the ATB Arts Barn that night was short, but super sweet.

Beth Anne Couture

Fabric, fabric and more fabric.  The luxurious larger-than-life dress from Beth Anne Couture could easily be seen strutting the red carpet at any star-studded gala.  Shimmer and sheer.  Texture and colour.  Each princess-worthy should have Hollywood starlets flocking to Beth Anne Couture for their one-of-a-kind look.  

Salt & Tickle

The unique and funky dress shirts of Salt & Tickle had everyone looking twice.  Puppies, cassette tapes and bacon, yes bacon prints (and even matching socks) set these dress shirts apart.  Whether paired with cut-offs or sleek pants and a blazer, these shirts were classy, bold and definitely got our attention.   

Mister Cosmetics

Molly Alanna, creator of Edmonton-based Mister Cosmetics, showed off her new line of cruelty-free lip glosses.  Models walked the runway in striking black ensembles to highlight the bright and deep new colours which compliment the company's various lines of lipstick.      

OMD4 Makeup & FX was behind the scenes helping to provide classic makeup looks for the models. 

IMAGE: (left) (Beth Anne Couture); (right) Steve Edgerton (Beth Anne Couture)
IMAGE: LA Morley (Beth Anne Couture)

IMAGE: Kevin Fuhr (Salt & Tickle)


Thank-you to the awesome WCFW photographers. 
Check out some of the other amazing shots taken from the event at Flickr.

IMAGE: Kelly Rosborough (Mister Cosmetics)

IMAGE: (far left, middle left) Kelly Rosborough (Mister Cosmetics); (middle right, far right) Kevin Fuhr (Salt & Tickle)

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Western Canada Fashion Week - Fantasy Night

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Western Canada Fashion Week
Fantasy Night


Edmonton, AB
September 19, 2016

Michael Oritz - The Flowbot
Firefly Theatre & Circus
Paragon of Design by Skrocki/ Lewis Mayhem

Day Five of Western Canada Fashion Week in Edmonton was Fantasy Night.  It was a night of creativity, costume and audacious whimsy.

As a true artistic showcase, the folks at Western Canada Fashion Week gave us more than just wearable art.  The evening started with an almost hypnotic performance by Michael Oritz aka "The Flowbot".  In a head-to-toe outfit that was part Cyberman part Transformer he popped his way across the stage showing an exquisite talent for the illusionary street dance style known as The Robot all the while floating, sliding and caressing a solid glass sphere.   

Lewis Mayhem and Vexy Heart

Lewis Mayhem's and Vexy Heart's "My Beautiful Nightmare" collection was a mix of punk rock fashion with short skirts, striped leggings and torn tops with dark school girl with thigh-high slouchy socks, shift-style dresses and jumpers. 

There were two distinct feels in this collection: a sense of innocence and one of rebellion.   As a whole it may have lacked unity; however, the two sides appealed to me.  Afterall, we are all a little bit sweet.  We are all a little bit bitchin'.      

Firefly Theatre & Circus

The edge-of-your-seat performance by an aerial acrobat from Firefly Theatre & Circus was elegant, yet scary.  Beautiful, yet unbelievable.  Her display of skill and strength  provided the perfect interlude between designers.
Paragon of Design by Scrocki with Lewis Mayhem

Is there such a thing as gothic high fashion?  Turns out there is and it was centre stage with a collection from Paragon of Design.  Intricately designed, handmade leather corsets, belts and headpieces were a large part of this line. 

Designers Amy and Tanner Scrocki use leather, metal and fabrics to create more than a simple stand-alone visual masterpiece.  Each ensemble is built to bring a cast of characters to life complete with their own stories and I love a good story.  This one, was brilliant.  

Thank-you to the awesome WCFW photographers. 
Check out some of the other amazing shots taken from the event at Flickr.

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Western Canada Fashion Week - Global Collections

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Western Canada Fashion Week
Global Collections
Edmonton, AB
September 18, 2016

Kilele Creations - Edmonton, AB
Africstyle Fashion - Edmonton, AB
Designerz Den - Calgary, AB
Aman Couture – Edmonton, AB

The OMD4 team was at the ATB Financial Alberta Arts Barn for night three of the fall showing of Western Canada Fashion Week. Global Collections night never fails to amaze with luxurious fabrics, a myriad of colour and plenty of patterns.

I'm not the type to rave about everything I see.  If I don't like it, I'll say so.  My personal opinion of the evening? 

Beyond beautiful.  

My eyes were glued to every layer, every detail and every step as I found myself wondering how much it might be to own every piece I loved, but realized it would probably mean selling my car. 

The evening began with a spoken word showcase by Quebec-based artist Lady Vanessa Caicedo Cardona who gave an impassioned performance that answered the question: "Where do you come form?"  Her answer ... "I come from love." 

Maria Valencia Alvarez of the Pique Dance Centre in Edmonton performed next leaping and spinning her way down the runway in an elegant showing of her talents.

Kilele Creations

The first collection was from designer Dan Muthui Kilele who, though based in Edmonton, is originally from Nairobi, Kenya.  He showed us both men's and women's trend-setting style with an African flare.  Long dresses with fun geometric patterns joyfully contrasting light and dark featured heavily in this line.  

Designerz Den

Can someone be elegant and demur while being sexy at the same time?  The girls sporting Designerz Den fashions proved it was possible.  Through the layers of modest sari material and sheers shawls shone a confident beauty.

Africstyle Fashion

Fabrics, prints and colours infused with inspirations of Africa tickled the senses.  From the drummer who lead the line to the to the bright colours and large-print patterns to the breezy fabrics you could feel without the need to touch. 

Aman Couture

Extravagance ruled the runway when Aman Couture closed the evening.  Every colour of the rainbow paraded down the catwalk and each outfit was embellished with gold trim, inlay and stitching.  I felt richer just watching the layers of flowing fabrics walk by.

Next Up - WCFW Night Four: Fantasy Night

Thank-you to the awesome WCFW photographers. 
Check out some of the other amazing shots taken 
from the event at Flickr.

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How To: Sultry Evening Out

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Night Makeup Look

While a day look should be clean and subtle, your look for stepping out on the town can be bold and sultry.

You start by doing the same steps as you would for a day look until you get to the part where you will contour your cheeks.  At this point use a light tan colour and place your brush along the cheek and top of your ear.  If you lightly shade that area, it will give you the appearance of cheekbones. 

Apply a blush to your cheeks with a more natural colour. Follow that by shading in the hollows of your eyes with a darker colour then you would for your day look. Now is the time you can wing the end upwards to give your eye a more dramatic look.

You essentially follow the same steps and techniques as with the day look, but with darker colours.  As always, blend, blend, blend.  You do not want to see a line down the center of your eyelid.  Blend outward as not to make the inner corner muddy. Once blended you can add a shimmer colour to the inner corner and right under the brow bone.  If you are looking for a little extra kick, you can add some sparkles to the same area

You can add eyeliner to this look.  A liquid liner looks sleek and elegant, but it is the hardest to apply. Bring it passed the outer corner of eye to give a playful cat eye look. Add some individual lashes or a full strip, whatever you like best. Finish with your favourite mascara to both the top and bottom lashes.

To fully complete this look use a deep, dark colour for your lip or a hot red lip.  Either way, make it super glossy.

TIP: Add a translucent powder to the under eye area to help catch some of the shadow that will fall. This makes it easier to wipe away without smudging your foundation. Or you can apply your eye make-up 1st before you start the rest of your look.

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Memory Monday: MAC Pro Class

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MAC Pro Class with Victor Cembellin

You've heard of Throwback Thursday, well this is Memory Monday and I'm going back to before I went makeup school and before I became a Sephora girl.

In 2010, I moved to Vancouver to go to the Blanche Macdonald Centre, but before my courses began I took a M.A.C Pro class with Victor Cembellin.

Not only is Victor Cembellin hilarious, he is also very talented. He talked a lot about trends that were going on at the time.  Trends are not something you like or may not be looks you would use on yourself or others.  They are often made popular by celebrities.  Trends come and go and many will make a comeback years, sometimes decades later.  In this class Victor spoke of four trends, but I want to talk about one of them here:  the raw/ natural look.  (This still applies today as the no-makeup makeup look is very popular.)

This look was all about making the skin look flawless with very little makeup.  It's more about skin care products then the makeup itself.  Victor said this look is good if you are waiting at home for something from UPS and you don't want to apply a crap load of makeup, but you just never know if Mr. UPS is a hottie.  

Photo by Uryelle Dimailig Photography & DesignGet the Look

Start with MAC finishing spray or M.A.C wipes over the entire face.  I prefer the finishing spray, but the wipes are a cleanser and toner in one so you save some time by using them.

If you have some dry patches on your face, use a skin brightening serum.  I like to put this on areas around the nose and outer corners of the eye which I find gives you a beautiful bright eye effect.

I don't expect anyone to go run out and grab the items I'm using in my posts they are just recommendations of products I use and love; however, I HIGHLY recommend you buy brush #130 from M.A.C. or brush #56 from the Sephora Pro collection.

Place a small amount of  M.A.C essential oils in your palm and smooth over you face and then do the same with a moisturizer.

If you are doing this look on yourself or a friend, you can just use your fingers for the next step; however, if you are doing this for a client I would recommend using a sponge.  Also, remember if you are using your fingers always use the ring finger to apply the eye cream as it has the least amount of pressure.  My favorite product for under the eyes in Vasanti's Eye Wonder which you can get at Rexall Drugs.

Victor emphasized the fact your lips are skin too and sometimes they get left out in the everyday skin regime. M.A.C. carries a lip conditioner.  Using the #130 brush apply it over entire lip. 

I know.  You're wondering when do we actually get to use make up with this trend?  Just remember that a beautiful base makes a beautiful face.  (I came up with that all on my own.  Ha, ha.)
  TIP: Don't forget your lips.  Keep them hydrated and exfoliate often.  Removing the dead skin on a regular basis will help give you the perfect lip. 

Foundation Time

Again with the a brush apply your foundation, but think of your brush as an eraser more then just applying a bunch of foundation.  Your skin should be hydrated and as you apply it should just smooth over your skin.  Don't forget to cover the eye lids as well.

If you add mascara, only a apply a small amount on the top lashes maybe bottom like I like to do.

Voila!  You are done.

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Product of the Month - Smashbox Primer Oil

Posted on May 10, 2016 at 11:10 PM Comments comments (8)

Product Showcase

Finish Primer Oil - $49.00

This product showcase comes direct from the Sephora website.  It and others can be found at

What it is:

"A primer with the luxury of a face oil, infused with a blend of 15 essential and lipid-rich plant oils to moisturize the face for seamless foundation application and a dewy, youthful finish."

What it does:

"This revolutionary primer preps your skin for makeup in two different ways: it sits on top of the complexion to smooth its texture, while it absorbs directly into the skin to hydrate and boost moisturization. It reduces the appearance of dry, fine lines and leaves you with a glowing look. Featuring a specially formulated, lightweight blend of jojoba, arabica, and argan oils, it's also infused with soothing chamomile and lavender oils to calm the senses. Each is hand-picked for its known skin benefits."

Suggested Usage:

"Using fingertips, massage two drops onto clean skin.

Use morning and night.

Allow primer to absorb into skin before applying makeup.

Apply a few drops to split-ends, cuticles, elbows and clavicle for a dewy, youthful sheen."

  OMD4 Says:

I truly think this is one of the best primers out there.  There are a number of benefits and it won’t leave you feeling greasy.  My face can get very oily which is actually due to dehydrated skin.  I've used this primer myself and after my makeup lasts for a long time plus gives me a fresh finish.  Great makeup always starts with a great base and this is one step you can take to get that flawless finish.

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How To: No Fuss Day Look

Posted on April 18, 2016 at 11:21 PM Comments comments (12)

No Fuss Day Look

Everyone's version of day makeup is different.   Many people wear a more bold evening look in the day, I know I have.  For this blog we will stick with a very simple look that keeps true to your natural beauty.

TIP: Blend, Blend, Blend!  There is nothing worse than having sharp harsh lines when you walk out the door.  Make sure you blend upwards or you will make the eye droopy. Only Hugh Grant can pull that look off.

Like any great work of art start with a clean and fresh canvas.  I've said it before, but it will be forever be my first step.  Cleanse, tone and moisturize your face with a light cream or a hydrating primer.  Makeup Forever Step 1 #4 Hydration is a perfect choice.

Do any colour correction if needed, using green or yellow for intense or mild redness and orange or peach for under eye circles or dark spots.  Neutralizing any pigmentation will help your complexion colour do less work.   

Choose a sheer to medium coverage foundation or a BB cream this will give you an even finish while still looking natural.  Apply as you would normally. Keep it simple and fresh looking. 

Using a super shader brush wash the eye with a light colour.  Makeup Forever has a great highlight colour called M500 Ivory, but anything off white or cream will do.  Do not use white. Wash over the entire lid all the way from lash line to brow bone.  Instantly you will see the eye lift and look larger.

With a pointed fluff brush take a medium tan or soft brown colour and contour the hollow or crease of the eye.  Follow the curve of your eyeball then bend the stroke upwards making sure you don't wing the end or bring it too far out.  If you have a "wing" look, blend it out to soften it.

For your accent colour use a shade that is darker then the colour applied on the hollows. Apply this to the outer corner of the eye in a V shape . Make sure you can't see a line down the center of your eyelid.  Blend all the colours together with a blender brush to remove any harsh lines, you may have to wash the eye again with the highlight colour. Highlight the inner corner and right under brow bone.

Fill in your brows slightly following your natural shape do not go too heavy.  Keep it very simple

Use a brown eyeliner and apply to lash line.  Try not to make a thick line.  Keep it thin then, smudge to soften.  Apply a small amount of mascara to the top lashes. Use a light pink or natural colour on your cheeks. Smile slightly and place the blush on the apple of your cheeks and bring it up towards the top of the ear. You want this to look like the natural rosiness of your skin.  Use your fingers to feather the edges of the blush to blend into the skin.

Add a tinted lip balm or if you want, you can add lipstick, but use a colour close to your own lip tone or  possibly a shade deeper.

There you have it.  Have a wonderful day look.

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Western Canada Fashion Week - Celebrity Collections

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Image: Donna Lynn Photography; Designer: Daniel Snow

Western Canada Fashion Week
Celebrity Collections
Edmonton, AB
March 31, 2016

Image: (Top) Lindsay Thompson (Elina Ten); (Bottom Left to Right) Grex Photographic Visuals (Melany Rowe); Paula Kreba (Malika); Paula Kreba (MIO/ Mister)Mister Cosmetics & MIO - Edmonton
Daniel Snow – Edmonton
Baluevs Fashion Studio – Edmonton
Melany Rowe – Edmonton
Elina Ten Eco Couture – Ontario
Malika – Calgary
Tugce Yavas – Istanbul, Turkey

What a wonderful night to end an outstanding week of fashion, imagination and talent at Western Canada Fashion Week.  Friday night's show didn't disappoint.  Each collection made use of a variety of fabrics, a diverse group of models and a great big helping of creativity.

I brought along my good friend and fellow Sephora makeup artist, Stephanie.  As we watched the collections that graced the runway, we couldn't be anything, but impressed.

Tugce Yavas - Istanbul, Turkey

Image: Paula Kreba; Designer: Elina Ten Eco CoutureOne of my favourite collections of the evening was from Tugce Yavas, a young designer from Turkey who favours the use of organic and reused materials.  Each outfit had it's own unique silhouette and striking attitude.  Simple, but loud ensembles in black and white paired with makeup as white streaks and spider webs across the face.  Nicely done, I say.

Melany Rowe - Edmonton

The delicate and intricately decorated dresses from Melany Rowe always astound.  Sexy, yet elegant.  Revealing, yet classy.  Sheer laces in blacks and whites hugged the body and covered all of the right places.  The luxurious black gown was enhanced by the exquisite bead work by Becky Turner.  A traditional smokey eye partnered with a nude lip only enhanced the overall sultry vibe of the collection.  I truly admire the artistry that goes into creating her risqué gowns that stun, shock and amaze the senses.

Mister Cosmetics and MIO - Edmonton

A particularly fun moment of the night was the Mister Cosmetics and John Mio show.  A little fashion mathematics for you: Molly's array of colourful lipsticks plus John's bold personality equals brass, sass and "Oh, ya!".  The music, the outfits and the lipstick combos were fierce.

Malika - Calgary

Fringe!  So much fringe.  I have so much love for anything with fringe.  This collection from Malika had everything: skirts, jackets, vests and more.  The fur and stilettos say high class, but the leather and zippers say biker chick.  I loved the contrast.  Seamless beauty with each and every piece.

Daniel Snow - Edmonton

Fitted jackets, gold fabrics and retro-inspired denim from Daniel Snow all came together to create a collection worthy of rock 'n' roll royalty.  Any one of the stylishly edgy outfits could just as easily have been walking down the red carpet at a lavish award show rather than the runway. 

Image: Paula Kreba; Deisgner: Baluevs Fashion StudioBaluevs Fashion Studio - Edmonton

I had a love/ hate relationship with Baluevs Fashion Studio's collection of metallic jumpsuits, cocktail dresses and pant/ jacket combos.  While not a fan of the exagerated jacket shoulders or a bulky jumpsuit number with a purple shimmer, the cocktail dresses were a definite win.  They were sleek, refined and beautifully tailored.  Several fitted jumpsuits were also were stunning, in particular a low-backed  patterned black piece.       

Elina Ten Eco Couture - Ontario

Works of art.  That is the only way to describe the collection of dresses from Elina Ten Eco Couture.  Bright colours, flowing material, flowers and butterflies gave the entire collection and light and fresh feel.   

Image: (Left to Right) Lindsay Thompson (Mister and MIO); Lindsay Thompson (Tugce Yavas); Lindsay Thompson (Melany Rowe)
Image: (Left to Right) Lindsay Thompson (Daniel Snow); Lindsay Thonmpson (Baluevs); Lindsay Thompson (Malika); Nicole Ziegler (Melany Rowe)

Thank-you to the awesome WCFW photographers.  Check out some of the other amazing shots taken from the event at Flickr.

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Western Canada Fashion Week - Collections

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IMAGE: Donns Lynn Photography; Designer: Mark Abenir (Averynthe)

Western Canada Fashion Week - Collections

Edmonton, AB
March 29, 2016


Trippy Hippy – Brooks, AB
Madame Nadine Jewelry – Cold Lake, AB
Pari Chehrehsa – Calgary, AB
Averynthe – Calgary, AB

Back at the ATB Financial Arts Barn in Edmonton's Old Strathcona for another night of fashion, fun and whimsy.

Trippy Hippy Clothing - Brooks, AB/ London, UK

Tuesday night's show opened with an explosion of colour courtesy of Victoria Patterson's funky, off-the-wall knitwear.   Skirts and dresses covered with knitted pizza slices, rainbows and eyeballs may not have been a collection to  suit everyone's liking, but call me crazy, there was just a special something about those bulbous sweaters. 

IMAGE: Grex Photographic Visuals; Designer: Madame Nadine JewelryUnusual.  Bold.  Eye-catching.


Madame Nadine Jewelry - Cold Lake, AB

Jewelry lines can be hard to judge as they whiz by you on the runway; however, Madame Nadine Jewelry had more to offer than your basic bracelets and necklaces.  The pieces shown at Tuesday's event included hair accessories, beaded belts and full body pieces.  A brilliant way to add a little shimmer and shine to your outfit.     

Pari Chehrehsa - Calgary, AB 

This collection of hand-painted silk scarves was a treat.  As someone who owns about 50 scarves I may be a little biased; however, I don't think you need to be a scarf lover to recognize and appreciate the talent required to create such beauty.  Intricate portraits and scenes from nature piqued curiosity about the tale each one had to share as they danced down the runway.  

Averynthe - Calgary, AB
Averynthe's new collection 'Epithymeo' took to the runway with the fierce confidence we've come to expect from designer Mark Abenir and his team.  Draped in flowing solids, geometrics and sheers finished with gold hardware the models owned each step and nailed every pose to show the full radiance of the collection.

Amélie Loisy-Moutault - France

IMAGE: (Top Left) Nicole Ziegler (Madame Nadine); (Top Right) Grex Photographic Visuals (Amelie); (Bottom Left) Ian MacDonald (Pari Chehrehsa); (Bottom Middle) Kelly Rosborough (Trippy Hippy); (Bottom Right) Ian MacDonald (Averynthe)With her second showing in two days, Amélie Loisy-Moutault's 'Jeanne' collection featured full-length dresses and high-waisted trousers, all with clean lines and simple silhouettes.  A mostly monochromatic colour scheme of whites, greys and blacks was accented by the occasional splash of red detail. 

IMAGE: Ian MacDonald; Designer: Pari Chehrehsa

Thank-you to the awesome WCFW photographers.  Check out some of the other amazing shots taken from the event at Flickr.

IMAGES: Lindsay Thompson (Trippy Hippy); Donna Lynn Photography (Averynthe); Lindsay Thompson (Trippy Hippy); Donna Lynn Photography (Amelie L-M)
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