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RMEA: Underwater Workshop with Jenna Martin

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IMAGE: Jenna Martin; MUA: Olivia Marie; Model: --
RMEA: Underwater Modelling Workshop with Jenna Martin

Bozeman, MT
February 20 and 21, 2016

The girls of OMD4 Makeup & FX were back in Montana working with some familiar faces for Rocky Mountain Entertainment Agency's (RMEA) Underwater Modelling Workshop with Jenna Martin.

Winter weather wasn't about to stop these girls from hopping into the water for the weekend-long workshop.  The solution: a private indoor pool with a view of the mountains.

What's the toughest part of doing makeup for an underwater shoot?  Olivia Marie said: "Making is last with all of the up and down and in and out of the water.  You have to use the right product, something that is not water based.  It took me a lot of trail and error to get it right." 

The girls of OMD4 Makeup & FX were joined by Edmonton-based photographer, Katherine Kingston who was excited to help Jenna with the underwater shoot for a little on-the-job learning. 

Katherine said: "I absolutely loved the opportunity assisting Jenna. Underwater photography is completely out of my element (pun intended)."

IMAGE: Jenna Martin; MUA: Olivia Marie; Model: Rylee KlaetschKatherine, who studied at the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts, has been shooting professionally since she was 16.  She also had the opportunity to schedule some dryland shoots as well.

"I am a terrible control freak, so I was able to create mood boards for each of the girls. Day one was off the cuff, but day two was planned. I really wanted to give the girls something they could practice and incorporate into their modelling," said Katherine.

RMEA model Rylee Klaetsch was the lucky winner of a trip to Greece in June 2016 to model for the Underwater Portraiture Tour organized by Jenna Martin.

Underwater with Katherine KingstonIMAGES: Lynne Morley; Model: --; MUA: Olivia Marie

Big Sky & Northwest Model & Talent Comp

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Model Intensive Workshop
Northwest Model and Talent Competition
Rocky Mountain Entertainment Agency
August 2015
After the photoshoot blitz with Zoë I was back in Montana with another Rocky Mountain Entertainment Agency (RMEAworkshop and their Northwest Talent Competition.
Mum joined me this time for my roadtrip.  We drove Zoë back to Butte and stayed with her family overnight before continuing to Big Sky, MT where we stayed at the Big Sky Resort and were surrounded by mountains, beautiful blue sky and cool lakes.
In Big Sky I met up with Casey Pobran, owner of RMEA, and the 18 models signed up for the workshop. I worked out of the cabin where the models were staying to get things started, but then we hiked about a kilometer through the woods to Ousel Falls.
Photo: Brittnay Putnam, Model: Tamera Hammond, MUA: Olivia MarieThe models were shot posing under this waterfall which, being part of a mountain river, was quite cold. I made up a lot of faces that day, but the beauty of the water and the woods really kept me going. The looks we did for this shoot were pretty clean and simple, which made the job a little easier.
The shots ranged from sporty to high fashion to sizzling sexy calendar feel. Further down the trail, to another part of the river, we shot the swimwear looks. This water was much colder, but each girl did their part and the results are well worth the goosebumps.

This was my second time working with the super talented photographer Brittany Putnam, who is now based in New York. I have always been impressed with her work. 
Day two was no different. We had an early start with Brittany and Casey (A different Casey) doing lifestyle and fitness shots with the models. Overall, the day went smoothly. Just one hiccup when Brittany and Tamera Hammond, 2015 Miss Montana competitor, were kicked off the beach because folks felt the shoot was too risqué. It really wasn't, but even in a one piece Tamera is a pretty sexy gal.
After the workshop I had a day off before RMEA's Northwest Talent Competition. I had time to hang with Mum (an adventure that ended with a broken hammock - yikes!).  This was followed by a day trip to Yellowstone National Park. We drove to Grand Prismatic Spring, Sulphur Cauldron and Old Faithful. It was nice to get out do some sightseeing for a change. Usually when I travel for a job, I'm too busy working to look around. Mum even got to see her bears (she's all about the bears). 
RMEA Northwest Model and Talent Competition
Hanging with Zoë HolmanBack in Big Sky and 5:00 am came pretty early. I was excited to be part of this event for the first time. Models taking part in the event booked time with me to do their makeup. My first one for the day was for Casey and I was actually a little nervous.
It was great meet up with Michala Zambon, Model of the Year 2014/15, and my girl Zoë. I was done by 10:00am and was able to take in the show.
RMEA's Northwest Model and Talent Competition looks to "introduce and showcase talent to industry professionals for scouting and scholarship opportunities for kids, teens and adults".  Participants can enter into modeling, acting, singing or dancing competitions.
I think the best part of this trip to Montana was getting my portfolio pieces from Casey. She gave me a blank RMEA book a while back and it was great to have photos to put in it. It looks wonderful and is my pride and joy.  I've been trying to put a portfolio together for years. now that I have it, all I can do is smile.

Zoë Holman: Photoshoot Blitz Alberta

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Photographer: Uryelle Dimailig, MUA: Olivia Marie, Model: Zoe Holman
Zoë Holman:
Photoshoot Blitz Alberta  

Calgary, Edmonton, Drumheller
August 2016


My work in Montana with Rocky Mountain Entertainment Agency (RMEA) has connected me with many brilliant and talented people.  Zoë Holman, RMEA model and freshman at Montana Tech, is one such person.  

After meeting her for dinner in Butte, MT to discuss details of her visit, I couldn't wait to get started.

I called up a bunch of people in my network and set up eight photoshoots for Zoë over ten days in three different cities.

Photographer: Stephanie Pollack, MUA: Olivia Marie and Molly Alanna, Designer: Mark Abenir, Models: Zoe Holman and Chelsea Tomecek
Bow Building in Calgary, AB - Shoot #1

For our first shoot of the ten-day blitz we were in downtown Calgary with photograher Stephanie Pollack.  Models Zoë Holman and Chelsea Tomecek were gorgeous in outfits from designer Mark Abenir's Averynthe label.

My partner in crime and fellow makeup artist Molly Alanna joined me on set to do makeup for Chelsea while I took care of Zoë.  We gave the girls a green, bold smoky eye.

Zoë rocked her four different looks: a white flowing dress, a white leather dress, a leather top and flowing skirt and a black feather low-cut dress.

I loved this shoot as Mark is always the life of the party.  We got some awesome high-fashion shots from this shoot. The angles and lines in the building design made this shoot really stand out.

Photographer: Angela Funk, MUA: Olivia Marie, Model: Zoe Holman

Grassy Meadow near Sherwood Park, AB - Shoot #2

We went from modern monochromatic with clean-cut lines to colour-packed 70s nature-loving hippie with Edmonton-based photographer Angela Funk. Zoë's makeup was more natural and messy for this look as it was supposed to seem as though she'd been up after a long night of partying. She nailed this shoot and it didn't take us long. We found a place just outside of Sherwood park, but it was so green and removed from the city you felt much futher from the hustle and bustle.

Abandoned Mines, Suspension Bridge and Hoodoos in Drumheller, AB - Shoot #3

It was an early start for us as we drove the 300km from Edmonton to Drumheller for our shoot with Nicole Ziegler and Bruce Toombs.  Zoë, Molly and were blown away when we got to the mines.  Really. It was so windy, but we set up a makeup station on a picnic table anyway. We put on quite a show for the visitors. The manager also saw and almost stopped the whole shoot because we didn't have permits and permission (oops!).  Thank goodness Nicole was able to get us in.

Photographers: Nicole Ziegler and Bruce Toombs, MUA: Olivia Marie and Molly Alanna, Models: Zoe Holman and Kristen HawrylukMolly did makeup for Zoë on this shoot and I did makeup for Kristen Hawryluk. Both girls had a bold smokey look. Zoë and Kristen both wore stunning creations from designers Mark Abiner (Averynthe) and Lisa Maire Coutour.

It was a long day (especially since I locked my keys in the trunk) and we were so tired by the end of it, but we made it home safe and sound.

Abandoned Movie Theatre in Edmonton, AB - Shoot #4

Edmonton-based photographer Darin Wayne has access to one of the most awesome locations for shooting: the old movie theatre at Londonderry Mall in Edmonton's northeast.

Daniella Rose, a makeup artist I worked with on a televised special celebrating Aboriginal Awareness Day 2015, joined us for makeup duty. For this shoot we wanted a vintage 30s look for hair and makeup (thank-you to hair stylist Amy Ould). Local designer Melanie Rowe lent us a beautiful vintage beaded babydoll dress for the shoot.

For Zoë's second look I darkened up the makeup to give her a messy after-partying look and Darin got a killer shot of her smoking on the stairs. I can't wait to see these pics.

In Studio with Uryelle Dimailig in Edmonton, AB - Shoot #5

For shoot five we were in the studio with Uryelle Dimailig Photography & Design who gave us stellar images with a simple deep red background and a stool.  We did three makeup looks: a natural look with terracotta eye shadow and nude lip, a warmed up look with golden-yellow eyeshadow on top and rusty orange on the bottom lid and nude lips and finally we went far out ( and I mean far out) with green shadow and Spock-like brows with a top bun.

From Left to Right: Shoot #5, Shoot #8, Shoot #7 and Shoot #1
In Studio with Katherine Kingston in Edmonton, AB - Shoot #6

This crazy shoot with Katherine Kingston Photography started with out our hairstylist cancelling. I was the only one doing makeup and suddenly found myself doing hair as well and not just simple curls, but big high-fashion hair. I did a wild backcombed style with rolls in the front. Susanna Pearcey, the designer on set, brought her 60s flare to the shoot. 

Again we had three looks for this one.  for the first we used soft greens.  The second look had a tribal feel with bold lines and the third was soft with outstanding red lips. 

We worked quickly on this shoot as Zoë had a second shoot booked after Katherine's. Between shoots we stopped to see hairstylist Kayla Zajes who, at the time, was studying at Est-elle Academy of Hair Design.  She whipped up Zoë's hair into a beautiful messy side ponytail for shoot #7.

From Left to Right: Shoot #6, Shoot #7 and Shoot #2
On the Street in Downtown
Edmonton, AB - Shoot #7

We met up with photographer Ferd Isaac, designer Jessica Halabi and Molly downtown to do some beauty shots for Mister, Molly's line of lipstick.  Zoë is one of Mister's spokesmodels. After a few pics showcasing luscious lips we moved into the alley where we shoot in front of cool barn-like door.  Jessicas outfits were perfect for Zoë and her red hair with the olive and baige tones.

L. Hair Studio in Sherwood Park, AB - Shoot #8
Four our final shoot we worked with Lisa Lovallo of Lovallo Art Photgraphy who is a close friend and my boss at L. Hair Studio (yes, she owns it). 

This was our only creative shoot this week and it was one of the best shoots we did.  We painted Zoës face and her side right down to her rear (poor girl, the things we put her through) with all sorts of colours. It looked like kindergarden art, but it worked so well. Lisa is also a painter and she helped me with this one as I was making the splatter too perfect (LOL). Final images of this shoot might not be seen for a bit as we are hoping to get this set published. 

Left: On top of Sulfur Mountain in Banff, AB with LA Morley; Top Right: Time for schoolwork; Bottom Right: Dinner on Whyte Ave with Olivia Marie and Molly AlannaIt wasn't all work, there was time for play too.

When Zoë landed in Canada, for her first trip here ever, my bestest Sis and co-blogger of Making Faces 2.0 picked her up at the airport in Calgary. They spent a day in the mountains touring Banff and Lake Louise before Molly and I arrived for our first shoot with Mark. 

In Edmonton we hit West Edmonton Mall for some shopping and a ride on the Triple-Loop Rollercoaster (aka The Mindbender). 

Dinner and drinks on Whyte Ave in Old Strathcona is always a good finish to the day.

At the end of it all, we drove Zoë back to Montana because I was scheduled for another makeup gig with RMEA in Big Sky for the Northwest Model and Talent Competition, ... but that's a tale for another blog.

Underwater Photoshoot with RMEA

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Rocky Mountain Entertainment Agency
Summer Camp

Flathead Lake, Montana
July 2016

In early July OMD4 Makeup & FX was back in Montana for Rocky Mountain Entertainment Agency's (RMEA) Summer workshop in Big Fork, which sits on the north side of the beautiful Flathead Lake.

I had the pleasure of working with Billings-based photographer, Jenna Martin for my first ever underwater photoshoot.

We spent the one day at Wild Horse Island, a state park where a small group of wild horses can be found and one of many islands found around Flathead Lake, the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi River.

Finding makeup suitable for an underwater shoot can be tricky.  Few of your drugstore-brand lines will work as they are typically water-based products.  You need to find products that will allow the water to bead on the surface and not wash away the product.  Mister lipstick was long-lasting and truly popped underwater.  Products from MUA (Makeup Academy available in the UK), MAC Cosmetics and Kat von D completed my underwater tool kit.

Even during one of the hottest summers this area has seen in years, the water was icy cold, but all involved were committed to the shoot and the results speak for themselves.