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OMD4 Makeup & FX

Artist Management Agency 

EVENT August 21, 2016 - OMD4 Makeup & FX's new makeup intern was kept very busy this past weekend with her first company assignment for Euphoria.

Jerry Haile, one of the newest team members at OMD4, was backstage with the Euphoria fashion festival over the weekend at the Edmonton Expo Centre.

Euphoria is an event that gives designers a platform to showcase their work while also getting the opportunity to connect with the consumer face-to-face.

OMD4 intern, Jerry Haile, working her magic for Euphoria

Image: Hugo Ernesto Sanchez

EVENT July 27, 2016 - OMD4 Makeup & FX is in Los Angeles, CA working with photographers from all over the US who are attending the Underwater Portraiture Workshop.

OMD4's Olivia Marie has joined Jenna Martin on Catalina Island off the coast of California for four days of underwater photoshoots. 

Thank-you to Edmonton-based swimwear company TC2 which provided two custom made bikinis for the models to showcase.

Though based out of Billings, MT, underwater photographer Jenna Martin has organized workshops around the world to provide interested individuals with the opportunity to learn more about how planning, safety, lighting, gear and much more differ from a dryland shoot.

Custom suits from TC2 Swimwear, July 2016

NEWS May 19, 2016 - The trailer for I'm in Love with a Dead Girl has been released.

OMD4 Makeup & FX's Olivia Marie was the key makeup artist in November 2015 for the filming of the short I'm in Love with a Dead Girl.

Shot in Edmonton, AB the film stars Tom Antnoi, Afton Rentz and is directed by Brandon Rhiness.

Check out the trailer here.

From a cold day of filming in south Edmonton

ON SET April 28, 2016 - The OMD4 Makeup & FX team will be on set for the filming of Legend of the Peoples Demon, a film by Barry J. Gillis.

The OMD4 team will be kept busy near Alberta Beach, AB this weekend with old age makeup, creating a creature of evil and gruesome mutilations.

A film about a corporate executive who leaves the big city to visit his family and get back to his Aboriginal roots when strange and terrifying things begin to happen.

The film stars Len J. Phillips, Kim Sønderholm and is directed by Barry J. Gillis.

Filming will begin April 29, 2016.

From Legends of the Peoples Demon film shoot

Images (above): Olivia Marie, (top left) LA Morley brushes out a wig between cast interviews, (bottom left) Nighttime filming, (right) Actress Charlene Michalko made to look older.

NEWS February 25, 2016 - The OMD4 Makeup & FX team is headed to Bali in April to work with Jenna Martin's Underwater Portraiture Workshop Tour.

From April 3-8, 2016, the crew from OMD4 Makeup & FX will be in Tulamben, Bali creating vibrant and colourful looks for underwater photographers from all over the world.

Registered delegates for the event thus far include both amateur and professional photographers from Norway, Australia, England, Singapore, Canada and the United States.

Underwater photographer Jenna Martin is based out of Billings, Montana, but has organized underwater workshops around the world to provide interested individuals with the opportunity to learn more about how planning, safety, lighting, gear and much more differ from a dryland shoot. 

**This event has now been postponed to July 2016 by the organizer

From RMEA summer camp in Bigfork, MT - July 2015

Image (above): Jenna Martin, Model: Madison Gardener

NEWS February 15, 2016 - Congratulations to Watfee H, winner of the Copper Goddess Contest.

In December 2015 OMD4 Makeup & FX posted a blog about creating the perfect glamourous finish for New Year's Eve. 

Readers were asked to recreate the look and submit their photos for the chance to win a set of five Sephora brand makeup brushes.

Congratulations to Watfee, a model and makeup artist from Edmonton, who beautifully pulled off the bold bronze eye colour paired with a vibrant red lip.

Watfee H - Copper Goddess Contest winner, February 2016

NEWS February 11, 2016 - After more than a year since filming wrapped, the trailer for Boogeyman: Reincarnation has been released.

In October 2014, OMD4 Makeup & FX's Olivia Marie was on set as a makeup artist for Hollywood Action House's film Boogeyman Reincarnation.

As the first film for Olivia Marie, the experience was both nerve racking and exhilarating. The best part? "Seeing my makeup come alive," according to Olivia Marie.

Boogeyman: Reincarnation stars Skylar Radzion, John Blackport and Laurence R. Harvey. It is directed by Uli Lommel. 

Check out the trailer here.

On set with Boogeyman: Reincarnation, October 2014

EVENT January 13, 2016 - Bright Lights, Big City: OMD4 Makeup & FX will be in Los Angeles working with designer Melany Rowe at Belasco Theatre's Lifestyle Saturdays

On February 27, 2016 OMD4 Makeup & FX will be in Los Angeles creating glamourous looks for the models walking the runway for Melany Rowe, one of the many artistic talents to be showcased at this pre-Oscar event.

Melany Rowe is an Edmonton-based fashion designer whose intricately-created gowns and dresses marry grace and edge to produce a sharp elegance.

OMD4 Makeup & FX recently worked with Rowe for her runway show at the Western Canada Fashion Week held in Edmonton, AB in the Fall of 2015.

From Western Canada Fashion Week Fall 2015

Image (above): Nicole Ziegler, MUA: Oliva Morley

EVENT January 12, 2016 - Bozeman Bound to Work with Renowned Underwater Photographer Jenna Martin

The OMD4 Makeup & FX crew will be in Bozeman, Montana working with the guys and gals of the Rocky Mountain Entertainment Agency (RMEA) for their Underwater Modelling Workshop February 20 and 21, 2016.

Jenna Martin, who was listed in's 10 best underwater photographers in the world, will be on site to capture unique and surreal underwater portraits.

This event will be the second time OMD4 Makeup & FX has had the opportunity to work with Martin and marks the 1st anniversary (slightly more than) of our work with RMEA.

From RMEA summer camp in Bigfork, MT - July 2015

Image (above): Jenna Martin, MUA: Olivia Morley